Could a Chiropractic Marketing Blog Be the Backbone of a Practice?

Expert Author Cindi Albright
It's interesting to note that the very thing that holds all of the pages in a book regardless of his size; is the spine. And although one could argue that it's really the glue that keeps the pages in place; the spine of the book is indeed the foundation. In the world of chiropractic, the human spine is the foundation of a practice. What would be considered to be the glue? Maybe it's the marketing? Could be; but what kind of marketing? If marketing is glue then what type of marketing has the strongest bond these days?
Online chiropractic marketing seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. And add to that the great Google AdWords tool; online marketing is booming.
The rage these days for chiropractic marketing online is the "blog". It's crazy how blogs have become more popular than a website. The reason blogs have moved ahead of websites in online marketing statistics is because blogs are engaging. The content changes every time a post is written and published, this creates activity, activity attracts attention and attention leads to a following. Before you can consider the impact blogs have on the chiropractic marketing world you need to understand that the one thing that makes a blog work is having people who read it. Just like newspaper, magazine or book; if the information written within the blog is not of value to the reader it might not be shared via social media venues. While a blog may not depend on readership to keep it afloat, it does depend on readership to make it known.
For chiropractors trying to attract new patients a blog can be useful because the doctor can use the blog to talk to their community about the benefits of chiropractic.
A blog can also be your website which is even better.
If you don't currently have any online presence; you might wonder why you need one;
a) Most people look online to find products or services
b) Websites and blogs are perfect avenues to channel information to the public
c) It's one of the most affordable ways to market your practice
d) A blog or website with an auto responder can capture email addresses for future chiropractic marketing
You also might wonder which one would be better to have? For the money I would say a blog. Once a blog is up and running the option to launch a website is still available; but a website can take time and money if done professionally, a blog can be up and running in a matter of days complete with posts, landing pages and an auto responder.
Still not convinced; try this simple test. Monitor your online activity for a week, taking note of how many times you check your emails, do online searches, read articles or play games. If you are connected to any social networking sites; Facebook or Twitter, how much time do you spend there? You will be surprised to see that a large part of your week is spent online...even if it's just to check emails. There's always a rabbit trail to follow when checking emails. Ask your staff members and your patients how much time they spend online and what blogs they follow; you might be surprised to hear who reads what.
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