Professional Transcription Services Enter the Age of Technology

Expert Author Zach Kurian
Professional transcription is an industrious market and one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. With the introduction of the Internet, professional transcribers often work from the home, conscientiously working within deadlines, but choosing their own hours. A professional transcriber must be thorough, dedicated to detail. Highly knowledgeable written language skills are required.
From the Drawing Pad to Digital Services
At one time, transcription fell into the lap of a secretary. The secretary relied on specific skills in shorthand, fast and accurate typing, filing, and office procedures. To qualify as a professional, the secretary often took up to two years of field-related classes, such as business, legal or medical procedures. This provided the secretary with the correct format, language base, and order of importance for filing records.
Today's professional transcription services continue to deliver formal documentation and accurate dictation. Only the technology has changed. There are now computers with software for storing valuable records, m3 based Dictaphones for recording sound, and rapid electronic communications tools and devices. Professional transcription services engulf a global network of businesses, who rely on the confidentiality and security of the transcriber for the recording of business meetings, interviews and other documentation related to business.
Legal transcription services are generally associated with court recordings and legal reports, such as depositions, hearings and the legal transcription of correspondence. The legal transcriber, or recorder, must be able to deliver documentation quickly and accurately, helping all branches of the legal profession to run smoothly.
The Versatility of Transcription Services
Transcript services translate speech into written or electronic text document. These services can be used in a variety of ways, such as for communication purposes, reports, and interviews. Organizations hire transcript services to attend events, speeches, and seminars, to convert the spoken words into text. Transcription services are contracted to create closed captions for stage productions, videos, and film.
Text documents are more convenient for business meetings, consultations, and reviews. A lot of time is lost in listening to recordings to find pertinent information. Some voices may fail to record distinctly. With a text document, important subject matter is easily found, which improves focus and direction.
Text documents are the most reliable way to store communications and official reports. Professional transcription services conform to the standards prescribed by industries requiring accurate, detailed documentation of their proceedings. Technology has come a long way and businesses are now discovering the advantages of these services.
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