The Ugly, Green, Outrageously SAFE Cellphone Case

Expert Author Marieme Faye
If you know me, then you know that I am a fashion queen and I love beautiful things. I have very good taste for the fine things in life and truly believe that it is one of my divine superpowers.
When I upgraded to the iPhone 5s, I was told that it was a very delicate phone that needed protection. So I got insurance on it and on top of it: I bought a big, ugly, green outrageously SAFE cellphone case, which I was told would keep the phone VERY VERY SAFE.
It did protect it and covered it to the point that I couldn't even see my beautiful gold plated lightweight iPhone. I dropped it several times and it was still intact and in perfect shape.
One day, I visited a friend of mine, she picked up my phone looked at the green case and said to me "this is ugly and doesn't look like you at all." I laughed... but I still didn't want to buy a new case because I was AFRAID that I was going to break it ( besides the fact that I had insurance on it).
She planted a seed in me though and I started subconsciously to look for a cute, shiny and stylish case that is in alignment with my sparkly fun and sophisticated personality.
A few weeks passed and I didn't buy a new case until I went to a shoe store one afternoon and saw a perfect purple case with little sparkly diamond like stones on it. It was beautiful, light and so not SAFE from the look of it. I bought it because it felt right and replaced the case on the spot.
On my way home from the store, I deeply thought about the big ugly green case that Safely Protected my phone for months. I realized that I was protecting my phone the same way I was protecting MYSELF... Yeap! I was hiding and covering up the Fragile, Delicate and Soft "Version of Me", who was still afraid of being hurt. I realized that there was an invisible ugly protective shell around me that covered up "the Real Me!" It was a wake up call.
Just like I let go of the Ugly, Green Outrageously SAFE cellphone case, I also decided, in that moment, to fully let go of my invisible protective shell. By hiding my Real Authentic Self, most of the time, I was hurting myself the most. I was denying myself the gift of FULLY living my life without fear operating in the background of my mind. At the same time, I was protecting myself from the "wickedness/darkness" of the world, thus unconsciously restricting my life experiences to the SAFE things and people, especially the people.
The truth was that I had insurance on my life, divine insurance. I believe that GOD (or whoever your higher power is) was and still is "my insurance". I also believe that I must TRUST that HE will always do HIS Job when I mess up or get hurt again. Therefore, my duty to myself is to do my job which is to Fully Live My Life Without Limitations knowing that GOD has my back and surrender all my fears to His care.
I love how I am rediscovering myself in a new light as I keep growing.
After I changed my cellphone case, my phone was lightweight and pretty again. I was OK with dropping it and taking chances to break it. It was raw, beautiful, vulnerable just like me and I intended to take care of it and to live like I had never been hurt in the past.
Yes, I have been hurt a lot before and I am confident that it will happen again; that's the beauty of life.
I just needed to be OK with it and take my chances with the precious gift that life is.
GOD is "my insurance" and will always protect me so I won't be afraid to be fully raw, vulnerable, delicate and fragile from now one.
I invite you to do the same and to be aware of the lessons that life teaches you using sometimes the simplest things like an Ugly Green Outrageously SAFE, cellphone case.
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