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Three Positive Predictions You Need to Hear About Retirement

Retirement is not, and probably will never be, a neutral topic. Every retirement story is individual and unique. And if the person retiring happens to be you, that unique story becomes eminently significant, certainly emotional, and possibly life critical. Granted, throughout our work lives before retirement, our work may have become almost routine. And granted, we may have dreamed of the day when we could turn in our employee ID, say goodbye to our colleagues, and walk out to the parking lot for the last time. But once the curtain closes on Act II, we know that it will open again on Act III. The question is, what will happen in Act III, and will it all end happily and well? With 77 million Baby Boomers in the before, during, or after stage of retiring, speculation is rampant about what we will do, where we will do it, and how we will find our way to whatever IT will be. There is even speculation about what retirement will look like once we have left our mark on it, and shifted forever …

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